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We are not an animal shelter.  We do not take in dogs, cats, or unwanted boa constrictors.

​​​​​FoxWood Raptor and WIldlife Rehabilitation Center  was established in 1979. and is nestled in the fruithills of Bristol, Indiana.  FoxWood provides temporary sanctuary for hundreds of injured and orphaned mammals and birds annually.  ​​The work of FoxWood is divided into three major areas- Rehabilitation, Training and Education-each with the goal of fostering the understanding and care of wildlife.  We set broken bones, treat illnesses, and provide food and shelter for animals that have been orphaned or injured and cannot care for themselves.  Our goal is to return these creatures to their natural environment, able to take care of themselves, as quickly as possible. We make every effort to avoid interfering with the development of the natural characteristics each wild creature requires to survive.


Because of our training, our rehabilitators can help people decide whether an animal needs help, or if they should be returned to their families. Safety of the animals and their rescuers should always be a concern.

Animal Removal

We are NOT a wildlife removal service. Please call a pest control service if you have no choice but to remove wildlife from your property.  


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FoxWood Farms occasionally takes non-native species, such as iguanas, and domestic birds, as well as some farm animals.


There are many links to wildlife rehabilitation sites.  These are our recommendations:



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Wildlife rehabilitation is not an attempt to turn wild animals into pets.  However, some animals must be held in captivity because they are not able to live independently in the wild.  


Most birds are protected by federal law; state laws protect most other wildlife. To work with mammals, reptiles, and birds, we have special state and federal permits, and participate in continuing education programs and facility inspections. 

​​FoxWood Raptor and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

What do we do...

 Our goal is to provide professional care to sick, injured and orphaned wild animals so they can ultimately be returned to their natural habitat. 

What we accept...

We DO accept hawks, owls, opossums, bats,fawns, foxes, coyotes, most migratory birds, reptiles and amphibians. 

We DO NOT accept raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, boa constrictors, non-native species.